About Lori Mills

Lori Mills established Uncover California in 2023 after running for California State Assembly in the 2022 election.
As a native Californian, Lori had become increasingly concerned about our state and state government. She saw the impact Sacramento politicians and their policies were causing in our communities.

California residents are enduring high taxes, a sharply increasing cost of living, a deteriorating education system, a worsening crime rate, and a homelessness and mental health problem that has evolved into a humanitarian crisis.  Californians are losing trust in elected politicians. Productive working families, businesses and high paying jobs are leaving for other states in large numbers.

Motivated to turn things around in her home state and apply her experience as a successful businesswoman, Lori Mills ran for the State Assembly. Having run for the Assembly, Lori was able to see and experience the corruption plaguing our state first hand.

Our state is no longer controlled by the people and our elections are beholden to lobbyist money where grassroots candidates do not stand a chance. – Together we can change this, For a lie cannot stand in the light of truth. Uncover California.